1. Analysis of investment opportunities in the fruit and berry business, development of component technologies for the establishment and maintenance of fruit and berry plantations

1.1. Farm visits to carry out a comprehensive assessment of the existing infrastructure and land plots available for fruit production. 1.2. Selection of crops, varieties and rootstocks for the establishment of new plantations. 1.3. Development of recommendations for pre-planting soil preparation and fertilizer 1.4. Development of technological components: 1.4.1. Recommendations for the optimum scheme of planting based on soil and climatic conditions, available machinery and equipment as well as the selected growing system. 1.4.2. Development of an integrated plant protection system to control pests, diseases 1.4.3. Recommendations on the application of growth regulators (vegetative growth control, establishment of fruit buds and fruit set, harvest regulation and scheduling and improvements in of product quality). 1.4.4. Development of fertilization programmes (main fertilizer application, maintenance feeding, fertigation, foliar application). 1.4.5. Recommendations for soil and surface management in the fruit zone and the inter- rows pathways, based on soil conditions and the availability of machinery and equipment (existing or planned). 1.4.6. Development of support systems and trellis constructions and the calculation of all materials and equipment required. 1.4.7. Recommendations for the most suitable machinery and equipment required for managing the plantation. 1.5. Development of technical charts for establishing and maintaining the plantation. 1.6. Preparation of information concerning the purchasing of production inputs and the analysis of quotations (plant material, specialized machinery, etc.) from suppliers in Ukraine and abroad.

2. Technological support of growers

2.1. Consultations with our agronomist. 2.2. Technological support of fruit and berry producers. 2.3. Recommendations and training on the planting process and quality control. 2.4. Recommendations and training on the pruning of trees, fruit bushes and cane fruit (post- planting pruning, summer and winter pruning, post harvest pruning); 2.5. Recommendations and training on thinning and fruits regulation. 2.6. Farm visits, reviews of plantations and ongoing recommendations. 2.7. Analysis of existing production technologies (crop maintenance, plant protection and fertilization systems etc.) with recommendations for improvement. 2.8. Development of Technical Charts for the establishment and maintenance of plantations. 2.9. Implementation of modern innovative technologies with the involvement of foreign 2.10. Support for growers as they work towards GlobalGap accreditation.

3. Business planning and assistance in attraction of funds

3.1. Development of investment business plans for the establishment of new fruit and berry 3.2. Preparation of business plans to attract external funding: 3.2.1. To attract funds from The Ukrainian State Farmers Support Fund; 3.2.2. To obtain a bank loan; 3.2.3. To attract leasing funds; 3.2.4. To attract investment funds and present projects to potential investors. 3.3. Analysis of the existing business and the development of recommendations for improving efficiency and profitability 3.4. Analysis of the feasibility of investing in storage and post-harvest handling facilities (cooling, storing, packing etc.). 3.5. Analysis of the responses from financial institutions offering external funding and assistance during the negotiations. 3.6. Assistance in preparation of loan application documents and providing support throughout * Preparation of business plans for various types of business is possible

4. Information and other services

4.1. Preparation of monthly “Information Bulletin” for representatives of fruit sector. 4.2. Preparation of weekly “Review of prices for fruits in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Moldova, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy”. 4.3. Preparation of weekly “Review of apple prices on processing markets of European countries and in Moldova”. 4.4. Fruit and berry market research. 4.5. Preparation of analytical reports and statistical data. 4.6. Preparation and submission of documents during the process of plant variety registration 4.7. Preparation of commercial proposals from suppliers of equipment for storing and post- harvest handling of fruit and vegetables (storages, sorting lines, packing equipment). 4.8. Involvement of foreign consultants for growing fruits and berries in the open soil and 4.9. Conducting practical training sessions on the latest techniques of fruit and berry production (irrigation, fertilization, plant protection, pruning etc.). 4.10. Organization of specialized seminars and conferences, sectoral meetings and working 4.11. Organization of tours to national and international exhibitions and conferences. 4.12. Organization of study tours for groups of growers within Ukraine and abroad. 4.13. Organization of private business tours abroad. 4.14. Development of promotional materials. 4.15. Interpretation services (English, Ukrainian and Russian).