Fruit Project LLC provides professional consultancy to producers of fruits and berries and
other fruit sector participants.
We provide our services to companies planning to expand and develop into new areas of
business and we help them to develop according to the requirements of the market,
encourage and assist them to adopt new and innovative technologies, introduce new high-
yielding varieties, improve efficiency of production and establish cooperation with
Ukrainian and foreign partners.

Work Principles of "Fruit Project" LLC:

  •  Individual approach - tailored to the specific aims, objectives and requirements of each
client and based on in-depth consultation.
  •  Best Practices - providing a wide range of services, drawing on up-to-date European
experience and involving the best foreign specialists from the UK, Germany and the
  •  Independence from producers and suppliers of inputs and requisites - allowing us to
provide our services in an objective and equitable manner in the best interests of our
  •  Professional growth - continuous development and improvement of the professional skills

of our specialists.

  •  Analysis of investment opportunities into the fruit and berry business, development of

component technologies for the establishment and maintenance of fruit and berry


  •  Business-planning - development of investment business plans for attracting external finance

to fund the establishment of new fruit plantations;

  •  Technological support for producers;
  •  Fruit Market Research
  •  Preparation of monthly “Information Bulletin” for representatives of the fruit sector;
  •  Preparation of weekly “Review of prices for fruits in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Moldova,

Germany, the Netherlands and Italy”;

  •  Organization of specialized seminars and training;
  •  Organization of study tours and private business tours, group and individual tours to national

and international exhibitions, seminars and conferences;

  •  Interpretation services (English, Ukrainian and Russian).

Main Services of "Fruit Project" LLC